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Speed Vent Short - Replacement Part

As of mid-February.  The Powerbreather bought direct from us, now comes with our new 'Easy Breath' speedvent.
Speedvents sold separately will eventually be sold as:



Power in both short and long.
Going forward, all models will come standard with the new easy breathe.  Any Powerbreathers sold prior to February 21, came with what is essentially the medium version.
Some felt this was restricting to breath with, and of course some requested even harder to breathe.  So we've come to this solution of options.

The speedvents will be sold separately in all options by April.
Also note, this is a running change and will show up at stores and Amazon as they get them.  

You can tell by just reading the speedvent.  In this case it will read: Easy S (easy breather, short)