Replacing PowerBreather Snorkel Membrane

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Did your membrane leak and lose its footing? Pretty simple fix to do on your own.

Here is an example of a leaking diffuser membrane.  It should be tight to the surface so water does not leak in.  The function is to keep water out of the Powerbreather while letting your CO2 out as you exhale.  These can get damaged by something getting in there, or even just over a long period of time.

Important to wash your Powerbreather after using in the ocean, especially with sand and salt, and after a pool to rinse off the chlorine.  


Sometimes you can just put it back in place as it slipped out a little and you don't need a replacement.  You can email us for a replacement diffuser if that's not the case.

  1. Take off the diffusor with finger (PIC 01 / 01a)
  2. Take the faulty membrane off the support (PIC 08 / 05)
  3. Take one of the shown tools (PIC 06)
  4. Put the new membrane into the support (PIC 09)
  5. Pull the membrane with the tool from the back (take off first the mouthpiece) into the support
  6. The membrane must be adjusted as shown in PIC 02


              01                                                               01a
             02                                                                 05
              06                                                                  07
              08                                                                   09

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