Jan Frodeno

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Two-time Iron Man World Champion, Jan Frodeno, enthusiastically incorporates the Powerbreather into his training regime. He uses the Powerbreather as a technical aid, taking breathing out of the equation, letting him focus entirely on improving the efficiency of his swimming stroke. 

"My personal priority is the economics of my swimming style. My aim is to transfer my clean right stroke to the left. That’s possible without any problem at steady units, but as soon as it gets tough, I simply clobber the water, particularly with my left arm. I greatly benefit from being able to permanently breathe fresh air with the POWERBREATHER.

In short, the POWERBREATHER is an innovative, new technical aid. With it I can fully concentrate on the forward motion in order to get as quickly as possible from A to B at the end, or – in the sea, if time is not an issue – to incessantly watch the turtles and dolphins.

In addition, the POWERBREATHER is the perfect tool for training the so-called ’long-term method’: long, uninterrupted units in open water – always in balance. And it facilitates a simulation of hypoxia training."

-Jan Frodeno

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